Mashup Curators’ Salon

The video below is an accompaniment to my exhibition write up of MashUp – the Birth of Modern Culture exhibition in Vancouver. Various curators present brief presentations on their contributions to the exhibitions, providing more depth to some of the artists featured in this exhibition.

The presenters were:

  1. Bruce Grenville, Senior Curator, Vancouver Art Gallery: 21 Thoughts on MashUp
  2. Patrik Andersson, Curator and Associate Professor in Critical+ Cultural Studies, Emily Carr University: Jacques Villegle
  3. Stephanie Rebick, Assistant Curator, Vancouver Art Gallery: Christian Marclay
  4. Ian Thom, Senior Curator – Historical, Vancouver Art Gallery: General Idea
  5. Daina Augaitis, Chief Curator/Associate Director, Vancouver Art Gallery: The sculptures of Liz Magor, Doris Salcedo and Rachel Whiteread
  6. Diana Freundl, Associate Curator, Asian Art, Vancouver Art Gallery: Gu Wenda, Xu Bing and Qiu Zhijie
  7. Lisa Couthard, Associate Professor, Film Studies, University of British Columbia: Quentin Tarantino
  8. Makiko Hara, Independent Curator based in Vancouver and Tokyo: UJINO

Reference List

Vancouver Art Gallery (2016).  MashUp Curators’ Salon [user-generated content online] Creat. Vancouver Art Gallery. 1 March, 2016. 1 hr 6 min 25 sec Available at: (Accessed 12 June, 2016)


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