Assignment 2 – Planning

Again I have been struggling for inspiration on this assignment. As my tutor said when I emailed her about my creative block, I have probably been overthinking the assignment. So with that in mind and having done a bit of research, thus far on Lee Kirby and Bruce Davidson, not forgetting Walker Evans earlier in the coursework, I have settled on the location(s) for my images.

I am planning on shooting in or around train stations, bus stops, ferry terminals and other transport modes in the city. I’m aiming for a moody tone to my images so have tried to create a certain colour palette by shooting in tungsten white balance with an orange gel on my flash. Some images, specifically those indoors, were more successful with this, but I found that the outdoors images were a little iffy for my liking. So I converted to black and white and now I’m not sure if I like that better. Therefore, time to get some peer feedback from my fellow students. Here are a few images in both formats, not necessarily my final picks. Please click on the galleries below to enlarge.

Consolidated peer feedback here.


9 thoughts on “Assignment 2 – Planning”

  1. IA good location choice – setting off on a journey. think I prefer the b+w because it has a more moody tone than the brighter blue lighting and sky.


  2. I think I prefer the colour versions too. There’s a definite colour theme running through the first of each examples which is unusual and very moody. I don’t know what your theme is going to be though, and the final decision will depend on that.


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