After reading Marianne Hirsch’s journal article The Generation of Postmemory, which specificially deals with postmemory in terms of the Holocaust, I decided to create a mindmap detailing her thoughts and explanations on postmemory as an aid to understand this concept better.

postmemoryI will include a PDF version of it here as well as the text might be a little small on the clickable image above.

Marianne Hirsch also discusses postmemory in this video, which again highlights most of the points mentioned above in my mindmap.


Reference List

Hirsch, Marianne (2008) The Generation of Postmemory’  In: Poetics Today 29:1 (Spring 2008) pp. 103-128

Hirsch, Marianne (2016) Hirsch Marianne POSTMEMORY definition [user-generated content online] Dir. Philippe Mesnard and Stephanie Perrin. Fondation Auschwitz. 2 October, 2016. 14 mins 2 secs. Available at: (Accessed 8 January, 2017)







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