Making sense of the manual

During my last assignment my Nikon SB-700 speedlight crashed to the ground breaking the battery door hinges. I’ve spent some time since trying to obtain a replacement door but some of the prices run to more than a generic new flash. So in order to shoot my next assignment I purchased a Yongnuo YN660 flash – a great price by the way – only $76! I’ll take my time looking for a replacement for the Nikon SB-700, but I’m not prepared to pay $99 for a replacement battery door.

Yongnuo YN660
Yongnuo YN660

The Yongnuo arrived today and I’m quite impressed with the build. Really sturdy and no plastic door hinges! But the manual leaves much to be desired.  So for some comic relief here are some of the instructions:

  • To avoid any possible safety accident, please do not use the flash on people who is focusing attention.
  • Please take out the batteries and stop using this product immediately in case of the following situation:
    • This product is dropped or shocked seriously and the inner part of this product is bared.
    • This product gives off strange smell, heart or smokes.
    • This product because the internal high voltage circuit may cause the electric shock.
  • Supports wireless master control fucntion
  • One YN660 can respectively accepts the signal transmitted from YN 660 …. with 16 channels for option; when YN660, … used as transmitter, it can realize remote flash parameter adjustment.
  • Please press each button and observe the diplay content on the LCD screen to learn the function of this product. Isn’t this supposed to be the manual’s function?
  • To avoid circuit, please do not use damaged batteries.
  • The meaning of [Sound Prompt]: tick twice = speedlite started/sound switch enabled/flash enabled; three tick, two times = speedlite in charging status; continuous rapid sound = lack of electricity, the speedlite is about to shut down; tick-a long sound = the speedlite is fully charged, flash enabled.

YN660 User Manual

I must confess I almost cracked up when I was reading about the sound prompts – I mean what on earth is a “tick-a long sound”? I guess definitely not something you might mention to a US customs official :-)!

All I can say is thank goodness I have a Nikon speedlight manual where I can get some technical help and hallelujah for Youtube!


Yongnuo Digital YN660 User Manual



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