Canadian Students Google Hangout

google-hangoutI set up a Canadian Students Google Hangout a while back and today was the day. In total seven registered for the hangout and four attended. Connie from Alberta who is studying Textiles (currently doing the mixed media module) Daniela who is studying Creative Writing and Robert who is on Drawing 1 and myself.

It is really good to connect to students studying in one’s own country as we share similar problems that students in the UK don’t have. Our access to exhibitions is not as plentiful as our fellow students in the UK for example. The main aim of our group is to support each other, hopefully get a discussion going similar to what happens in the Thames Valley group, but just over the internet. How this is going to work yet remains to be seen. We are also going to share work that we are readying for assignments and have a discussion around that. The idea of collaboration on some work also came up. At the moment there is a little bit of a learning curve happening with the Google Hangout, but I’m confident that once everyone figures it out we will be up and running.



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