Assignment 3 – Rework

Much time has gone by since I first tackled this assignment and I am nowhere closer to liking it any more than when I first started it. Trying to do a rework in the most busiest semester our university has every experienced proved almost impossible as I barely had a chance for a lunch break most days. This assignment has morphed from one theme to the next, starting out as office politics, then moving to diversity in the work place and eventually moving to women in the workplace as per my tutor’s suggestion. I am hoping that traces of each theme are still evident in the work though. I brought in a tighter edit for more cohesiveness. I have also changed the captioning of the photographs, choosing to highlight attributes of successful leadership traits in women instead of providing explanatory departmental captions, which provides more ambiguity to the images.

Fig 1 Passion
Fig 2 Knowledge
Fig 3 Experience
Fig 4 Ambition
Fig 5 Communication
Fig 6 Fairness
Fig 7 Approachability
Fig 8 Collaboration
Fig 9 Consistency
Fig 10 Integrity

Morrison, M (2017) Top Leadership Traits – Positive and negative [online] RapidBi. Available at: (Accessed 27 December, 2017)


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