Jim Goldberg

This is my second look at some of Jim Goldberg’s work, the first being during Context and Narrative (see posting here where I reviewed Open See).

In Raised by Wolves, Goldberg’s narrative takes on many forms: “a traveling art gallery exhibit, a book, a website, and an experience. All of these radically different modes of narrative function to tell the same story” (American SuburbX).  The video (which might be the website mention previously) is a cacophony of sounds and images. Reminiscent of old scratchy movies of the 1950’s, the images scan so quickly across the screen that they merge into one another before being blacked out. The subjects themselves talk over the sound of traffic and city bustle, sometimes audible, sometimes not. Somehow the video reminded me a little of news footage I had seen of the holocaust camps during World War II. There was a similar tone and chaoticness attached.

The book is quieter. One has the time to read and study and digest the narrative. The accompanying text seems to be in different handwritings, probably written by the subjects themselves, hastily scribbled and carelessly crossed out. Like the Open See the subjects have written their own story which makes the work less objective. According to American SuburbX Raised by Wolves book version has a blend of photos and video stills. The text is a mixture of handwritten notes and letters and transcripts of conversation between the photographer and the subjects. The project is done in a photojournalistic style.

From the article I have read in American SuburbX I feel it would be a disservice to provide commentary on the book without having looked at it in detail. Sadly it is not available at the Vancouver Public Library. From what I can glean on the internet the work appears to be very edgy, gritty and brutally honest, with quite a bit of shock value attached.

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