Falling through Time – Barbara Cole

Barbara Cole’s exhibition at the Bau-Xi Gallery is a beautiful, ethereal body of work. The body of work consists of photographs that she took of English gardens approximately twenty years, over which she layers ethereal photos of women taken underwater. The effect is very romantic in tone and very feminine in nature.  I was reminded of fairy tales and magical forests when viewing her work. Nowadays most of her images are taken underwater and she places a lot of emphasis on the use and/or appearance of mirrors in her work.

Some of her work is made using a lenticular lens and this has the effect of building a story in a single image. To create a lenticular image one has to create multiple images which are then combined into one image in a process called interlacing, lined up and then this print is then aligned on a special lenticular grid so that the lens which goes over top has the correct amount of focus. When the viewer walks past the image the image changes. Miggs Burroughs has a good explanatory video on this process.

Below is a short video of Cole making this body of work.

Reference List

Anckner, Tom (2015) Miggs Burroughs – Lenticular Imagery [user-generated content online] Creat. Mystic Vision Productions. 23 April, 2015. 10 mins 27 secs. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvdZhYOvDsw (Accessed 16 April, 2017)

Cole, Barbara (2016) The making of FALLING THROUGH TIME [user-generated content online] Creat. Bob Barrett, Maverick Media. 5 May, 2016. 4 mins 2 secs. Available at: https://vimeo.com/166368824 (Accessed 16 April, 2017)


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