Wide Open – Group Exhibition

This exhibition has been the one that I have liked the least in this year’s Capture Photography Festival so far. The exhibition was in the Goldmoss Satellite which actually turned out to be in the Callister Brewery.

Callister Brewing (Goldmoss Satellite Gallery)

We entered the location and were confronted with a very mouldy, musty smell (which I later realised must have been from the fermenting hops in the back) and loads of people sitting around tables in the small space inside the warehouse, drinking beer. It seemed that this was an actual micro-brewery cum pub. The photos were hung on the walls and one could not really get up close to them to view them properly as the patrons and the tables were in the way. So as a result I only managed to get a look across the room at the ones that really interested me, but not close enough to note the photographer’s name.

This was a group exhibition by a number of artists and all had to create work that reflected the exhibition title “Wide Open”.  The photographers featured were: Jonathan Dy, Lital Marom (this was one of the artists whose work I really was interested in seeing and looking on her website now, I feel the exhibition would have been much stronger if more of her work was displayed), Nicolas Teichrob, Mira Hunter, Derek Junck Hunter, Bon Roberts. The first group of photos looked like they were a fashion shoot from Star Wars – lots of shiny black metallic uniforms with a male model posed in front, which I found quite repetitive and quite uninformative.

Mosaic and Nucleus by Bon Roberts

I was rather taken with these two abstracts by Bon Roberts. Roberts is know to feature heritage birds (hens) which she raises on her acreage in Roberts Creek in most of her work. I particularly liked the kaleidoscope effect of Mosaic which reminded me rather whimsically of the toy I used to play with when very young. I found Nucleus rather intriguing in that an egg is obviously a symbol of the beginning of life and in this photo one feels as if one is glimpsing beyond the shell into the little being that is being formed from within.




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