Rubber Flapper – Michael Colvin

Michael Colvin, fellow OCA student created a fictional narrative about “mysterious and intriguing woman who lives in a mechanical, self-cleaning house in the 1930s”. Responding to an archive that he had had access to and certain events which happened on Staten Island, he created a fictional narrative by using various artefacts from a fake archive and creating “newspaper clippings” by doing the layout and aging the paper with teabags.  His story line is such that it is extremely difficult to tell what is real and what is constructed. Ambiguity layers reality and myths and has the viewer going round in circles questioning what they are looking at. In the course of his narrative he hints at the “wider issue of suppressed voices of LGBT minorities”. The hidden history is an important aspect of the project. The props he uses have been aged and weathered, creating an authentic feel to the project. The careful planning and construction of this project can be seen here: .

Reference List

Boothroyd, Sharon (2015) Rubber Flapper [online] WeAreOCA. Available at: [Accessed 24 April, 2017]

Colvin, Michael (2015) Assignment 2 – Rubber Flapper [online] A Partial Moment. Available at [Accessed 24 April, 2017]


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