Exercise 4.5

The brief:

Find words that have been written or spoken by someone else. You can gather these words from a variety of means – interviews, journals, archives, eavesdropping. Your subject may be a friend, stranger, alive or dead. Select your five favourite examples and create five images that do justice to the essence of those words.

You may choose to present your images with or without the original words. Either way make sure that the images are working hard to tell a story. If you decided to include the words, ensure that they add to the meaning rather than describing the image or shutting it down. Try to keep your image-and-text combinations consistent – perhaps they are all overheard conversations on a bus or all come from an old newspaper report. Keep them part of a story.

Consider different ways of presenting the words. Audio or video might lend itself well to this kind of work, or a projection of images using voice-over. Experiment.

I was rather scratching my head on what to do for this exercise until there was an ongoing episode at work a few days ago regarding our photocopy machine, which frustrated me no end. My exercise is based on those events.

He Needs Another Part
“The photocopier keeps on jamming. We need the technician to come in and service it so that we don’t run into problems when I’m printing 1,500 graduation booklets.”
“He has been here for most of the morning. He needs to order in some parts”.
“Look he has taken the machine to pieces – some of it is standing in the passage!”
“He needs another part!”
“When is this machine going to be fixed?”
“Did you see the screws?”
“Where did you leave the screws?”
“On top of the machine.”
“You took something apart and left the screws on top of the photocopier … How dumb is that!”
“At last I can start printing the 1,500 graduation programs.”
“Remember – its only a temporary fix. He needs another part.”
“So when is this machine going to be fixed?”










5 thoughts on “Exercise 4.5”

    1. The whole concept originated from our photocopier jamming continually. I had to come up with some ambiguity so decided on adding the raw material for paper to illustrate this. We get paper from trees. So I went looking for felled trees, disintegrated logs – anything that conveyed a sense of disarray in the forest that I could use for composites.

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