Assignment 4 – Planning 1st Feedback Request

I’ve been doing a few shoots when the opportunity has arisen and had some feedback from the Canadian Students Google Hangout Group – we’re a mixed bunch coming from all disciplines. As I mentioned in my previous planning posting, I am going to gear my assignment towards Culture Shock among International Students. I’m hoping to cover all four stages of culture shock, namely the honeymoon phase where everything is still rosy and romantic for the new comers; the negotiation phase where the differences between the home country and the new country start to set in as well as possible anxiety; the adjustment phase where the students start to acclimatise to the new country and culture; and the adaptation phase where students are comfortable and embrace the new culture, while still maintaining links with their own.

XXX from India (Honeymoon Phase)

This was one of the first images I made and I wasn’t happy with the illegibility of the text, apart from the fact that the student decided to jot down quite a few points instead of just one. Not sure if all the pedestrian traffic is working in this image either. (I still have to get this student’s name for the project).

Anh from Vietnam (Adjustment Phase)

At this stage, I’d changed the paper size and asked the students only to jot down one idea and I feel this is working better and making more of a statement.

Dayana from Kazakhstan (negotiation phase)

I’ve also decided to switch to my prime 50mm lens as that gives me better bokeh and more clarity. For some or other reason that I just can’t fathom I’m having trouble with the Nikon 18 – 140mm with too much noise for my liking. (Dayana was shot with the 50mm, all the other images on this post were done with the 18-140mm).

As I mentioned in my initial planning posting, I am shooting these images outside the campus on the sidewalk and in the alley next to the building as I’m trying to keep the viewpoints fairly consistent, as Les Monahan did in his Desire Project.

Maria from Philippines (Adaption Phase)

I would like to show as diverse cross section of the student population as I can, as well as including an equal number of the male population. But this is where I’m at for the moment, and your feedback is most welcome and appreciated.






12 thoughts on “Assignment 4 – Planning 1st Feedback Request”

  1. Hi, Interesting set of views and your approach. I think the street shots work better than the one against a wall and I like the one with the 50mm lens too. Good luck.


    1. Thanks Lynda. Yes, I’m tending to agree with you about the shots against the wall. They are definitely lacking background context I think. Those are in an alley way and the play of light in there can be quite interesting though. Perhaps I’ll try a different orientation next time. Thanks for the feedback.


  2. I like this a lot Lynda. I don’t feel that the pedestrian traffic is distracting at all, in fact it adds to the feel of being transported into the western environment. I think that is why, I too prefer those shot in the street over the one portrait set against the wall.


    1. Thanks Anne. I’m a bit torn about the pedestrian traffic as well, but I think I might drop that and restrict pedestrians to somewhere far in the background where ever possible. Its hardly ever possible to not have someone in the background as it is a busy sidewalk. I think it will be a little less distracting and make it more cohesive.


  3. Sorry I am so late responding to this, Lynda. I love the concept and the comments on the papers are brilliant. I prefer the street shots too, but wonder if some of them are a little underexposed? They seem a little dark to me. Are you going to do all women?


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