Assignment 4 – Rework

As mentioned in my feedback to my tutor’s report I have taken on board suggestions made in the Critique Forum especially those by Clive and swapped out a couple of images and included another two to include some of the serendipitous moments (of homeless people congregating outside their shelter) that occurred on my shoots. After much deliberation, I have chosen not to reshoot the project as I believe another kind of approach by removing the signs as a possible suggestion by my tutor, would have lost the focus of the message I am trying to get across.  Another reason why I am not attempting to reshoot is that some of the subjects have now graduated and are not easily accessible any more. I have also removed the categorisation caption below the image, replacing them with the number of the photograph, mainly for reference purposes. I think the revised edit brings out the “the ‘home-ness’ versus ‘home-less’” as mentioned by Stefan in the Critique.

Below is my final version of this assignment.

Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 5
Fig 6
Fig 7
Fig 8
Fig 9
Fig 10
Fig 11
Fig 12
Fig 13
Fig 14





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