Richard Wentworth

When I was reading the blurb about Richard Wentworth in our course manual, my mind immediately went to local Vancouver artist, Liz Magor’s work who I reviewed last year in Context and Narrative. Wentworth makes sculptures and photography of familiar objects in unfamiliar positions/scenarios – repurposing their original intent in humourous ways.

Whereas Magor’s work was a bit confusing for me (there is probably some underlying sustainability motif running through her work), I immediately connected with Wentworth’s photographs. I have always admired people who can repurpose items in imaginative ways and Wentworth’s depictions are very chuckle-worthy. Through the object, one can feel the presence of the absent person. It is as if he or she has just stepped out of the frame for a minute and the frame is put on the pause button until the person returns. It is this juxtaposition of materials and found objects that make his work intriguing.

Window dressing 2011 by Lynda Kuit
Reference List

Grasso, R. (2012) Making Do and Getting By [online] GUP Magazine. Available at: [Accessed 24 May, 2017]





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