Reflection Point

The Brief:

How often do you see people walking and reading their texts or on the train and reading their tablet rather than enjoying the view? What are we missing when we do that?

When I emigrated to Vancouver I was so astounded by people’s inattention to the fantastic view and scenery that surrounds this city and that was pre-smartphone or tablet days! The view is stupendous and going home on the bus every day I would marvel at the slight differences that were apparent. The view would never be the same two days in a row, yet my fellow commuters would be stuck with their heads in a book. When smartphones and readers arrived on the scene many years later, people stopped talking to each other on the bus. Before that you could still strike up a conversation with a stranger and enjoy an entertaining commute. Now everyone is too preoccupied with that small little device which now rules people’s lives.

What are we missing when we do that, the brief asks? Well we’re missing out on God’s creation for a start. We’re missing seeing the red sunset at night foretelling a glorious day for the following; we’re missing seeing the first snowfall of the season; we’re missing the snow turning pink at sunset, with the reflection in all the glass towers of Downtown. We’re missing the strange and comical interactions of our fellow man in the streets; the protests; the cherry blossoms … I could go on and on, but basically we are missing life as it passes us by. We are missing moments that we can never recapture.


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