Exercise 5.2

For this exercise we are to chose a view point and write down everything we see over the period of one hour.

I decided to go to the harbourside near the Auto Mall and do my observations there. The area has  lawns in front of the beach with scattered built in picnic tables along the way. It overlooks the Vancouver Harbour and DownTown and also the Mosquito Marina boatyard. Its an area where commerce, industry and recreation all converge. There are also bike trails and dog walking parks so there is quite a bit of foot traffic that passes by. I landed up writing up four pages in my notebook but could have written more as I missed somethings while writing. I was quite amazed at the amount of activity that takes place there.

There are clearly lots of mini projects that one can pull out of this observation exercise. Because of the expanse of the harbour (it takes 15 minutes to cross by seabus), I would obviously zoom in on certain objects and have done so if one looks at the final photo of the cruise ship exiting the harbour. Getting closer is not really an option, unless I was to rent a boat and actually go around the harbour, but that is not in my budget at all.  I photographed using my DSLR and had no problems.

View on Vancouver Harbour and DownTown by Lynda Kuit (2017)

Below is a bullet point summary of what I saw.

  • Immediately upon arrival I noticed a boxer dog come bounding up to some people sitting at the picnic table closest to us, with his own trying to catch up to him. He led her quite a merry dance and bounded over to another group sitting on the grass also having a picnic and ended up investigating their late lunch.
Doggy entertainment by Lynda Kuit (2017)
  • People sitting at picnic tables eating lunch
  • Two girls carrying strange beach bats that had a net surface.
  • Numerous people walking their dogs. Some were couples, some families, some looked like brothers, others were same-sex friends
  • A couple sitting on the rocks talking
  • Barges at anchor loaded with sand, gravel and containers
  • Cruise ship docked at Canada Place
  • Bayliners going out of the harbour
  • Couples walking (numerous)
  • One family, husband and wife walking, while their two boys rode their bright grass green bikes. The one child had huge training/balancing wheels on his bike and by observing his actions I think he may have been autistic or handicapped.
  • Boathouses
  • Flags on the boats and on the boat houses
  • The ocean current was quite fast flowing and the water was choppy
  • A boy kicking his ball with his mother
  • Seaplane landing (numerous times)
  • Dockside cranes
  • Seaplane flying overhead
  • Seabus coming into Lonsdale Quay harbour. The seabus turns straight around and heads back to DownTown, so there is a crossing from both directions every 15 minutes.
  • A grandmother kicking a ball to her grandson
  • Picnic tablecloths flapping in the wind
Picnicking at the Harbourside by Lynda Kuit (2017)
  • Long shadows from people and trees
  • Pleasure boats crossing the harbour (numerous times)
  • People packing up their picnic and leaving their space under the tree
  • Couples walking hand in hand (I was quite pleasantly surprised to observe that over the course of the hour there were probably more 50+ year olds walking hand in hand than there were of the younger generation). This could be a potential project.
  • Single people walking by (too numerous to mention).
  • New fast ferry enters the harbour. At $80 per crossing to the island its just too expensive to go for a jaunt.
  • Cormorant sitting on the log circle near the boathouses
  • People on bicycles of all kinds – mountain bikes, road bikes, retro bikes and even a unicyle went past.
  • Man dressed in black sitting at picnic table with his bike – also black – propped up against the table.
  • Camp chair behind him.
  • Labrador running around on the grass, pauses to pee.
  • Elderly couple return to their car next to me. The gent hands her down off the pavement so thoughtfully. He is hunched over, wearing blue sweater.
  • Woman in brown frilly skirt with walking stick and female companion who is carrying a dog poop bag
  • A white motorbike parks next to me. The rider is wearing a white/black houndstooth check jacket with shiny black helmet. The rider is a young girl. She locks her bike with some difficulty and then walks onto the grass in front.
  • Young man with a cup of coffee walks by
  • Little boy explores the rocky embankment, while his grandmother stands watching him from the top.
  • The motorbike rider comes and sits on the pavement in front of her bike.
  • A mother and daughter (possibly – they looked related) walk by with their dog and a cup of coffee.
  • The motorbike rider removes her jacket to reveal a teal green/blue floral shirt underneath and puts it on again.
  • A man with a doberman with red collar and heavy chain lead walks by.
  • A cormorant swims in the ocean.
  • A woman with a retriever goes by
  • A man and woman on bikes fly past.
  • A man and woman, walk to the rocky embankment, look at the view and stroll slowly on.
  • Two women with a pekinese dog walk past. One is Asian, the other has red hair.
  • A couple and a dog sit under the palm tree.
  • A couple with an Alsatian dog that is soaking wet and off lead go past
  • Two boys and a girl carrying balls and water bottles go past.
  • Container ships
  • A man on a bike with a baby trailer followed by his wife also on a bike ride past.
  • Man, woman and son walking two dogs – poodle and a pug.
  • Yellow cranes at Lonsdale Quay
  • Condos
  • White cranes for the new development next to the Quay
  • Man with red bottle like glasses and strange haircut strides past with a Walkman.
  • Seagulls fly past.
  • Cruise ship reverses from its mooring at Canada Place.
  • Man under the palm tree picks up a skateboard and starts shaking it at the girl with him. Looks like they are having an argument, throws his hands into the air. Whiffs of marijuana come from that direction.
  • Little boy belonging to the family that was picnicking in front of me is crying because he has stepped on a thorn. He sits down and then throws a tantrum when his mother tries to remove the thorn.
  • The wind has picked up some more and the swells are increasing on the water.
  • A rubber dinghy roars past the barge in front, turns and roars back to the boathouses.
  • The cruise ship has turned and is preparing to leave the harbour.
Holland America cruise ship leaving Vancouver en route to Alaska by Lynda Kuit (2017)







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