Exercise 5.3

The brief:

Your journey may not involve travelling the world or an excursion across Russia. you might see your journey to the post office every Monday as particularly relevant – or the journey from your bed to the kitchen in the morning. Note the journeys you go on regularly and reflect upon them.

Now photograph them. Remember to aim for consistency in your pictures.

My main journeys consist of travelling to and from work – approximately 16 kilometres each way, trips to the supermarket which is part of my daily commute route. I wasn’t too keen on photographing out of the car window for one of these trips as buses and other traffic usually obscure the views, so I decided to take a walk around the block that I live on and photograph the pathways leading up to the houses. I did not include the houses that did not have foot paths leading from the sidewalk or off their driveways. For consistency I stood at the centre of the pathway on the sidewalk, but for some of the houses where there pathway curved off from the driveway I stood so that the pathway would be centre to my frame, so that all the pathways are basically centred in my frames.

Its quite an eclectic block of houses. Most of the homes were built in the mid-60’s which classifies as a heritage house in Vancouver! But some development has taken place in the ten years that we have lived in this area and large new houses are gradually taking the place of the older houses and of course pushing up our house values (not to mention the property taxes!). Houses are built with wood here in Canada so are extremely easy to knock down. One can go to work in the morning and the house on the corner will still be standing. Upon return it will be nothing but a pile of rubble.


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