Assignment 5 – Planning

While I was on holiday in Mexico last month I was standing on the balcony of our hotel suite and taking photos of the activity on the beach and the gorgeous sunset. After a while I got bored doing this and switched my camera over to do multiple exposures and played around with various scenarios for a while. The results were actually quite pleasing. After studying the images on the computer when I got home I thought this might be a good technique to use for my final assignment in this module. I was intrigued with the way the texture of the sand and the glimmers and ripples in the water affected the images and the way they interacted with the layer of human evidence or activity. Some examples are below.

Fig 1 by Lynda Kuit (2017)
Fig 2 by Lynda Kuit (2017)
Fig 3 by Lynda Kuit (2017)
Fig 4 by Lynda Kuit (2017)
Fig 5 by Lynda Kuit (2017)

I’m not sure if my idea will work on level ground, so I might have to find some locations where I can get a bit of height, or somewhere where I can shoot upwards and get the same type of message. So apart from concentrating on traces and indexicality I just have to find a suitable topic to work on.

At this stage any ideas/comments are very welcome.





4 thoughts on “Assignment 5 – Planning”

  1. They’re fascinating and I think the pale colouring works very well. They almost look like water-colours. There’s a story in this somewhere.


    1. Thanks! Hopefully I will be able to shoot something similar back home. I’m trying to think of all the vantage points that are high up (apart from the mountains of course). The overall colour palette here is also darker which will probably introduce some new challenges. Keep your fingers crossed :-).


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