Assignment 5 – Back to the Drawing Board

Well it seems that the fates have conspired against me! I have now been forced to go back to the drawing board for my assignment 5. Mother Nature has intervened! At the moment there are about 138 forest fires burning in British Columbia and the location of these fires range anything from 300 to 600 kms distance from Vancouver. You’d think that wouldn’t affect me right? Not so – the winds have changed, and a high pressure belt is sitting tucked in tight and all that smoke has now blanketed Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. It is unbelievable just how thick it is. I live at the foot of one of the local ski slopes and I cannot even see the mountain anymore.  There is no way I can try my original ideas under these conditions.

Photo on the left on a regular day; photo on the right with smoke

As you can see from the photo on the right the mountain is no longer visible. If I was doing the Landscape module now this would be perfect for the sublime exercises :-). The sun is also completely blanketed and appears as a small fuzzy orange blob in the sky – barely visible. Its all very apocalyptic and extremely eerie. Any night photography renders the sky orange, as I found out last night. I’m not even going to mention the respiratory dangers this smoke is causing. Our air quality index is currently standing at 7 which is extremely high.

I have just read a news article that the substation that supplies power to Vancouver and Vancouver Island could be in danger as well. I’m not going to think about those repercussions just yet … but if I do go silent you’ll all know why.



8 thoughts on “Assignment 5 – Back to the Drawing Board”

  1. Hope it blows over soon, Lynda. It does sound like there are some photo opportunities to be had because of the wildfires, so might be worth making the best of a difficult time.


    1. Holly if I was on the landscape module already it would be perfect :-). But the light with all this orange smoke/haze is pretty weird at the moment. Its worse than overcast skies. We are nowhere near the fires (luckily), but according to the news the smoke has drifted right over Washington State, Oregon and is now visible in California already!

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