Assignment 5 – Idea 2 – Life is Scrap

Just a quick posting for some feedback on a possible idea for Assignment 5. I am amazed at the way our society just throws stuff out – sometimes perfectly serviceable items. What further amazes me and has for the twenty years I’ve been living here is that no much effort is made to sell on the unwanted item. Yes, there are garage sales here, but it seems that whatever is left over on that day is relegated to the sidewalk ‘free for the taking’.  Behind the houses in the alleys even more items appear and there is an unwritten rule here that if the thing is in the alley you can take it if you want it.

Yesterday I drove around for only an hour and took photos of found objects in the alleys (see contact sheets below). Before I get too involved in this project I would like to hear back from my peers to see if this has some potential. If I go forward with this as my assignment, I will obviously flesh out the notions of the throw-away society that we have become and the resultant consequences.

Life is Scrap Contact Sheet 1
Life is Scrap Contact Sheet 2



7 thoughts on “Assignment 5 – Idea 2 – Life is Scrap”

  1. Hi Lynda, I love the idea as I feel the same about all this as you. However I think you need to dig a bit deeper to find really useful items that people have discarded. Most of what appears in your images is rubbish which people do probably do not want to pay to have disposed??? There are one or two which really tell the story.


  2. I really like this (much more than the double exposures, I think). You could also go on to contrast the discarded stuff in back alleys with similar generic but new stuff as part of shop window displays, maybe as a diptych.


    1. That’s a brilliant solution. I was out again yesterday and came across a really decent washing machine, probably just needs a fix – or got thrown out because the owners are redecorating and putting in stainless steel appliances. It looked almost brand new.


      1. There are also various charities that will take and fix, plus an organisation called Freecycle where you can advertise all kinds of things you don’t want anymore. A friend of mine was very keen on this and I was amazed what people will take, e.g. pieces of bubble wrap even. There’s obviously a gap in the market at your end just waiting to be filled!


      2. We do have places like Craigslist where you can advertise free giveaways. Trouble is some folks are just too lazy to come and fetch.


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