Assignment 5 Planning – something to consider

I just want to jot down a further exploration idea for my assignment 5 in relation to found objects in alleys, before I lose my train of thought. I am wondering what the difference or quality of discarded items would be in different socio-economic neighbourhoods. Would the discarded items in a predominately high/upper income suburb be in better quality than those in a middle class or low income neighbourhood? What kind of “scrap” would I find there? Where would be the most proliferation of junk? Where would the owners place the items?

I’m pondering this because on the two days that I have spent driving around I have come across most of the items in the alleyways behind the houses, but have also come across some items on the pavement in front of the houses and this seems to convey a sense of desperation that that owner really wants to get rid of the item as there is obviously more passing traffic in the roads than in the alleys. But yesterday on the way to work, at an extremely busy intersection near my home, I came across, from what I could see from the car, a good sofa that had been dumped in the park between two bus stops. So now there might be another factor to consider – people driving their junk to some public place to dispose of it. The sofa might have been owned by someone living across the road, but then why wouldn’t they put it on the sidewalk outside their house, or in their alley?

One of the profs at the university where I work was quite interested to see the photos that I had taken so far and she remarked that it would be really interesting to write a story about each piece of furniture (she is a creative writer), so maybe we can collaborate down the line on this later.


6 thoughts on “Assignment 5 Planning – something to consider”

  1. I like your approach to society and scrap, truly a fascinating aspect on what we value and what not. Reading your post brought up some memories. One of today, seeing scarp on the streets to be collected by community, and opposite the ‘Brockenhaus’, a very Swiss institution for salvaged items, nicely presented and all can come and buy for some money. Another memory from my time as university student after high school, we were browsing the neighborhood for a sofa to collect from the streets scraps for our ‘cinema room’ . I can sense cultural differences as well as class differences. Interestingly, the ‘Brockenhaus’ in Switzerland is not frequented only by the ‘poor’, nearly all are going there (well, perhaps the very rich not). A kind of discounter effect like Lidl or Aldi. All are interested in collecting good deals. Looking forwards to seeing your progression with the project.


      1. Started a project? Didn’t thought about it, but yes there is something intriguing in it. Not a photographer, wondering how this could be tackled in my ‘discipline’.


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