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Elliott Wilcox

Elliott Wilcox’s two bodies of work, Courts and Walls that concentrate on the ‘distinctions between object and representation within constructed leisure space’ (Wilcox, Walls). His photographs of climbing walls I find a little disturbing – some of the textures of the “rock” surfaces seem to be rather other worldly, with strange shapes, rather like fossils imprinted in them at random spots. The coloured hand- and footholds add to this alien-ness (I’m half expecting Darth Vader to make an appearance somewhere). Others have the scuff marks of many feet as their main decoration bearing evidence of a torturous struggle.

Courts by Elliott Wilcox

On the other hand, Courts, does not have this effect on me. I find this body of work more abstract, yet infinitely more intriguing. What fascinates me most in this work are the lines and I’m itching to know the meaning of them. Having only ever set foot on a squash court once in my life and that many eons ago, I don’t have any memory or sense of familiarity with these lines, so I’m wondering which indoor sport these courts represent. These images are all about texture and colour as well as angles. The walls bear testimony to the amount of activity that has taken place in these courts, each mark reverberating with the sound of a ball hitting the wall.

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